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Aldinga Payinthi College endeavours to be a community hub. It is a local resource for children, young people and the wider community to connect, participate and learn.  

The college provides an integrated community setting that is accessible to everyone. Participation across the services, events and programs offered is encouraged from the broader community.  

The main objectives of community access are to:  

  • Promote education, health, wellbeing, safety and participation.  
  • Improve access to services and programs for children, young people, families and the wider community.  
  • Provide improved and accessible facilities for the region.  
  • Build community connection and ownership of the college.  
  • Respond to community aspirations, needs and gaps.  

The college seeks partnerships with agencies and groups that offer universal services with the intention of providing community with choice and opportunities. These include sport and recreation opportunities, wellbeing programs and playgroups. Targeted services are also identified and offered to support children, families and community who require individualised support. These include supported playgroups, disability support groups and therapeutic services. Priority is given to services and organisations that have been identified as a community need and aspiration.