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Learner Uniform

Learner Uniform

A uniform plays an important role in promoting a positive image of the college and creating a sense of identity among learners and the community. At Aldinga Payinthi College we are very proud of our uniform which incorporates (on the polo shirts) artwork designed by contemporary Indigenous artist, Jordan Lovegrove. 

The artwork, which is used in a range of ways across the college represents:  

“Aldinga Payinthi College and the people and communities the college connects with and supports on their learning journey. The large meeting place represents the college where these people and communities, represented by the smaller meeting places, come together to belong, inspire, and be inspired. The large pathway leading through the artwork symbolises the journey travelled together as a learning community.” 

The Aldinga Payinthi College uniform can be viewed here

The college’s Dress Code Policy – Learners is available here.