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Vision and Way of Being

Vision and Way of Being




At Aldinga Payinthi College – We belong

We seek to create a learning community where everyone belongs, learners, staff, families, and community. Through belonging we recognise the value of interdependence in our lives. We acknowledge the basis of relationships in defining identities. We acknowledge, throughout life, that relationships are crucial to belonging.

We are a community. We model social behaviour and language to provide our learners with the tools to successfully navigate society. All staff are educators, and through their interactions provide representation of a dynamic and diverse social environment. Difference is not just valued, it is celebrated.  


At Aldinga Payinthi College – We inspire

Our learners are empowered; they are active, they have a voice. They are engaged in learning and making meaning in ways beyond the scope of a traditional learning space.  They dig deep into big questions and find ways to impact not only their futures, but their current situations, environment, and their community. They are the main stakeholders in the decisions and directions of the college. Together, we explore, discover, challenge, and grow.

We hold high expectations and provide high levels of support. We need our learners to develop the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that will positively impact their lives and those around them. We meet our learners where they are at, and design experiences which progress and augment learning. We build our vision to have room for all, and use our resources, both physical and human, to provide for the learning that is needed.  


At Aldinga Payinthi College – We connect

We value connection to our environment and the site’s relationship to the Mount Lofty Hills Face. We are proud to be part of this community and connect to local places of environmental and cultural significance. We are privileged to be situated on Kaurna Land. We pay respects and seek to progress the work of conciliation on unceded lands.  Using language, teaching through narrative, returning to circles, and holding tight to Dadirri is part of our approach. We look for sustainable options, we choose conservation. We tread lightly.

We develop networks, not hierarchies. We work across birth to year 12 and seek support, guidance, and modelling from our peers. We are empowered to make decisions that positively impact the lives of our learners and ourselves. We hold ourselves to a high standard and model this in our professional behaviour. We are visible, we are connected to our learners, we are supported, we are part of a team. Collectively, we are powerful.   


We Seek Beyond.

Embedded in our approach, our policies, procedures and learning design, is our promise to lead with heart and an attitude of abundance. We have amazing resources to share, and we use them to ensure that learner needs are met or exceeded. We live in abundance, and we want to use this for the benefit of our learners, our families, and our community. 

Welcome to Payinthi.